• Fighting Maskne, wrinkles, and discoloration. Only 15 minutes daily...

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The affordable, at home, clinical-strength LED Light Therapy mask 

15 minutes of the Self-Care LED Mask each day improves the look of dullness, acne, pores, and acne, all while diminishing discoloration along with elasticity while tightening skin improving wrinkles.

"After I gave birth, I found The Selfcare Mask, and WOW"

Before and After

Acne caused by face mask and hormones dramatically improved after just 15 minutes a day while working from home during the pandemic.

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How to use the Selfcare Mask

"All from my couch..."

"My Selfcare mask review after Two weeks..."

Self-care at home

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"Changed my skin in one week! My pores are so much smaller"

- Nicole Guevarra

"Reduced my acne with no harsh chemicals or expensive creams! Buying everyone this for Christmas"

- Morgan Stepper

"Redness gone...Never thought this would work so fast..."

- Zenya Lucas

Skincare at its finest, from home

Say goodbye to harsh treatments, expensive creams, and waiting rooms.