The Self-Care LED Light Therapy Mask

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"Best At-Home LED Treatment"

The affordable, at home, clinical-strength LED Light Therapy Shield 

Unique surface design illuminates light sources evenly on your face and is structurally designed to not harm near and around eyes.

Lightweight, sleek, elegant design allowing you to stay hands-free while doing daily activities at home during the pandemic and beyond.

15 min each day improves the look of dullness, acne, pores while diminishing discoloration along with building elasticity while tightening skin improving wrinkles.

How to use properly...

🧖🏽‍♀️ Cleanse skin thoroughly 

✋🏻 Apply any serums you want to be absorbed in deeper by the LED light.

☝🏽 Push-button on the side for 3 seconds until desired light color appears (3 options).

📚 Relax and wear for 10-15 minutes for best results.


RED light: (620- 750nm)

Facilitates blood circulation
Accelarates metabolism
Generates Collagen 
Accelerates healing time of damaged skin
Helps with wrinkles

    BLUE light: (476-495nm)

    kills acne-causing bacteria
    Reduces enlarged pores
    Reduces enlarged oil glands
    Fades sun spots

      AMBER light: (590-620nm)

      Improves oxygen for cell turnover
      Boosts lymphatic flow
      Calms Rosacea

        No more spending $200 a session per Dermatologist visit

        A full course of treatments at clinics cost over $2500 

        Self Care:

        Just 10-15 minutes a day allows your skin to heal while focusing on you:

        • Expressing gratitude 
        • Forgiving yourself 
        • Protecting yourself 
        • Setting boundaries 
        • Self care = self-love 

        Better skin + meditation = more self-confidence